China Slams the Accusations Made on Them for Carrying Out a Major Cyberattack


    Tech giant Microsoft recently experienced the biggest ever cyberattack that affected around 3000 organizations in the US itself. Recently, the White House accused the Chinese Government of this cyberattack on Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange is an e-mail platform used by companies worldwide.

    White House believes that the hacker gang behind this cyberattack, Hafnium, is funded by the Chinese Government and it carried out this attack for the personal gains and profits of the company.

    Hearing this, the Chinese Government has slammed these accusations from the White House. Not only the White House but also some major allies have accused the government of the attack. The joint statement of the allies has accused the Chinese Government. The Chinese Embassy in Wellington called the accusations groundless and irresponsible.

    “The Chinese government is a staunch defender of cybersecurity. Making accusations without [proof] is malicious,” said a statement published by the embassy in response to a question from reporters. The Chinese embassy in Australia echoed these remarks, describing Washington as “the world champion of malicious cyberattacks”.