Impact Of COVID On B2B Operations


    COVID 19: A virus, which had put the world on a standstill has affected business worst. The way businesses use to operate to then and now has shifted the dynamics of businesses. The world is gradually putting the shards of the post-COVID era back together and returning to the “New Normal.”. Businesses have become more virtual and digitization of business is here to stay. COVID, like every other downturn, has brought with it its own series of issues and possibilities. Let’s see how B2B industry has changed since the pandemic 

    Go Digital

    As one-to-one meetings were not possible, all that remained for the company was to make way for a completely new phase for businesses. This made way for social digitization and overnight companies started giving importance to their online presence. Any company is now known for its social media presence and the impact it has on social media.

    First Impression Matters

    In today’s age post-COVID all that matters is your first impression. What you show and how you present your product helps sell your business. The more attractive and innovative your social presence is the more business you are likely to get. 

    Pro Tip: Make sure your website is honest, attractive, and interactive. Your customer should not lose its focus on dull content.

    Marketing Is The Key Focus

    Earlier Sales team had a huge part to play in selling the products now marketing has taken the wheel. Before COVID 19, marketing teams use to do one-fourth of the work and sales the rest, today all of that has been inversely proportioned. The marketing team has to do major work and its presentation matters the most.

    Increase In Competition

    With the pandemic, the market saw positive and healthy competition. Your customer does thorough research on your services on search engines and then makes up his mind. Know your product well and sell your product uniqueness to the customers. 

    Honest Reviews

    Ensure you have a strong social media presence now that everything has gone digital. Present the key factors about your products and how are they unique. Make sure you have data on the website of your recent orders where a new customer will get a glimpse of your customer loyalty. Post positive and genuine reviews of existing customers too. When you are unable to meet with your client’s one on one, this will persuade them to purchase your service or product.

                   Even though everything has digitized since COVID 19; you should always keep a phone connection with your customers, ask for feedback, and share opinions. Maintaining the right and healthy customer relations will always help a business in the long run.