Leverage the Power of Digital Asset Management


While using the digital platform to market your business or product, the company uses and creates different types of content for Content Marketing which leads to the Customer Engagement of the company with their customers.

While the company uses and creates content, it goes on piling up, a mess is created. If any employee from the company needs specific data which was retrieved, created, or used it would be difficult for anyone to search. Instead of searching the file, one tends to create the file. The rework and mess created can be reduced with the help of Digital Asset Management software.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions/software is used to organize, retrieve, categorize, and share the digital assets through a pipeline. With these solutions one can easily get the data, any employee from any department can get access. In short, now DAM is not limited only to the marketing team but it can be used internally by the company to provide each and every data created or gained by the company.

A question that might pop up in anyone’s mind is that why can’t the company opt for contemporary cloud storage solutions such as google drive, in that case, DAM solutions/software have more superior capabilities of search ability, version control, and security aspects.

With some of the DAM solutions, it has become easy for marketers to work seamlessly. Here are some of the major DAM software which helps the company to manage each and every data.

Canto, this software is known to be the simplest but effective one. This software is trusted by well-known brands like NASA Ames Research Center, Harvard University, Ralph Lauren Corporation, and many more. With this software, one can easily add tags, keywords, and smart tags to label digital assets according to the themes, products, campaigns, etc. The smart label feature automatically categorizes the assets in six folders, viz. images, videos, audios, documents, presentations, and other formats. With Canto’s different tools one can easily set up workflows and assign tasks as well.

Widen collection, is also one the best DAM software that can be used for managing the digital assets created or used by the company. It enables you to customize metadata, keywords and set up a workflow to ease the import process of the assets. You can also highlight the folders or the files which are frequently used. Widen Collection has a strong searching tool that also allows you to search a text from a document. With this software, you can share different digital assets on different digital platforms.

Brand folder, this software helps marketers and creative professionals to manage, share, and track the performance of their digital assets. This software is useful for mid-to-large organizations. This software has solutions for organizations related to retail, technology, sports, and food and beverages. Its search feature offers AI-powered image recognition, in-document text search, auto-tagging, pinned searches, and automatic metadata extraction. The power tools are capable of identifying duplicate assets, bulk asset editing, and bulk move and merge. You can resize files, convert them into different formats, and use advanced video editing features. Using the access control feature, you can set publish and expiration dates for assets, and assign admins to approve documents.

Using these trending software’s, you can save time and the efforts of reworking and for that sake also the cost of remaking it! So, use it to save your time and manage your digital assets smartly and wisely.