Bitcoin transactions are now accepted on the Zebedee Games Platform


“It’s a huge next step in moving money globally, through apps, games, services, and the real world,” the company said on Monday (15 May).

The change, according to Zebedee, allows video game, social media, FinTech, and AdTech platforms to easily include Bitcoin Lightning payments.

According to the release, developers previously had to join up and go through a manual approval procedure to have access to the tools needed to incorporate Zebedee payments into their product. They may now skip this step owing to a new mechanism that allows them to create a free account and begin working with the company’s payment system right away.

“We wanted to ensure that our offer covers all possible projects and caters to developers of all sizes, from individuals and small teams to large businesses and enterprises,” according to the release. “That’s why we’ve created a tiered offering with different transaction and volume allowances, as well as project count limits, each with its own pricing.”

The corporation also mentioned an entirely free alternative as part of their “vision of expanding global monetary freedom.”

Bitcoin, according to Zebedee Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Andre Neves, is the ideal currency for providing standards when it comes to transferring value.